A Little Bit of Fun!

Did you tell yourself " This year I will explore my creative side!" only to get overwhelmed with where too start? Then this is the perfect course for you! In this course you will get to try various simple mixed media techniques to create a lovely final piece.

This is a "use what you have" project, so dig into that bin of art supplies from craft and school projects. And grab those scraps of wrapping, colored and scrapbook paper. I have listed the basic supplies I used in case you want to get the same ones.

Get ready to kick your imagination into high gear and have "a little bit of fun!"

As you start your creative journey...

I want you to be open to the process of self discovery that mixed media brings. Keep your mind ready for inspiration from the world around you, flip through magazines, listen to music, take a walk in a park or woods. You have a story to tell, and there are so many ways you can tell it through mixed media!

Example Curriculum

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