Your One Little Word

Let's take a moment to think about how much words mean. We have slogans, quotes, and jingles swirling around us all day. Beyond that there are the words that have real meaning for us, the ones we repeat as mantras to keep us going, soothe us, or keep our hopes up. Your One Little Word is a project to help you highlight it against your own background. Make this piece to display where you can glance at it and get inspired.

Finding Your One Little Word

Not sure how to find your one little word? Brainstorm for a bit, think about favorite lyrics, quotes or simply words you like. If you can't narrow it down to a single word, feel free to go with a favorite phrase.

Get started today!

Who am I?

I am not that different from you I bet. I don't have loads of free time, or a trust fund, or corporate backing to move things along. If you have seen my bio you know that I am a spouse, parent, and caregiver with a job outside the house and a side gig with my art. Time is tight, but I have made the commitment to myself to set aside creative time whenever I can. It might be 10 minutes or an unexpected 45, I might even get interrupted, but I keep getting back into my studio. That is not to say there aren't days when life dictates my energy goes elsewhere.

The important thing is to keep growing and creating.

Let's get started.